CHAINSAW- Hell´s Burnin´ Up +Bonus

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Endlich kommt dieser 1985er Thrash Hammer zu CD ehren. Als Bonus gibts noch 6 Tracks von Demos. Sichert euch diesen feinen Silberling NEU UND UNGESPIELT, denn dieser Silberling geh?rt in jedes gute CD Regal. BUY OR DIE

These are the legendary CHAINSAW from Germany. The band formed in 1984 and their one and only release so far, the mighty "Hell's Burnin' Up" LP originally released in 1986, remained a lost obscurity to this day. CULT METAL CLASSICS, came to an agreement with the band's former label and with pride we present you a pure 80's speed/thrash metal re-issue that will make your ears bleed and your necks break! Thundering powerful rhythms and killer songs from start too finish, will get you for good into the band's raging atmosphere.

This fine re-issue contains lyrics plus reworked artwork with cool photos of the band's past plus 6 bonus songs!!! Do not miss the chance and grab this flawless edition now. Songs like "Last Fortress", "Tombs of the Blind Dead", "Midnight Hunter" etc. are a total blast from the past. HAIL!

1. Hell?s Burnin? Up 3:47
2. The Dungeon 3:18
3. Last Fortress 2:59
4. Cut Loose 3:29
5. Rage & Revenge 2:59
6. Midnight Hunter 3:52
7. Born To Kill 2:31
8. He Knows You Are Alone 4:04
9. Ageless Force 2:33

DEMO ?85
10. When The Beast Awakes 4:15
11. No Speed Limit 4:08
12. Running Fire 5:31
13. The Tombs Of The Blind Dead 3:52

14. Lord Of Darkness 5:00
15. Soul On Fire 3:23

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